Telephone Coaching

Weekly telephone call with your coach, focused on whatever part of your life you're not happy with.

Text Coaching

Have an important thought? Got a question? Don't wait a whole week until your next session. Text your coach and get immediate feedback.

In-Person Coaching

Sit down with your coach, face-to-face at her downtown Raleigh location.


Find Serenity Now!

Hi! I'm Hadley! And I'm a sober coach!

Are you ready to find rest? Do you want to feel peace in your life?

I help professional men and women stop living a life marked by drinking, affairs and unfulfilling relationships.
You can live a live free of this pain. If you're ready to get serious about finding a new way to live, I'm your coach.


Next Steps...

Ready to have a breakthrough in your life? Ready to be free of all this crap that's holding you back?

I can help you get there!

I use a trusted step-by-step process to help you tell the truth to yourself, let go of your baggage, trust the universe and stay accountable.

If you're ready for a clean, transparent, authentic life, call me now.

When you sign up for my signature 12 week program you'll get:

  • Weekly Workbook
  • Weekly Hour of Coaching
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Unlimited Emails

...and a new set of beliefs that set you free, let you feel more like your true self, and solve problems you've been puzzling over your entire life.

I only want to work with clients who are ready to change. So if you're calling for your husband, or for your wife, or for your child, I will probably suggest you work with me first. This system works equally well for People Who Love Addicts as it does for the addict themselves.

Let's have an enrollment conversation. It's basically a free coaching session. Totally free 30 minute phone call. Take advantage of this offer of free life coaching, which might change your life just by itself.