Coaching For People Who Love Addicts

Recovery for People Who Help: Self-Care Coaching

Imagine that you could quit feeling responsible for keeping everybody happy. That you didn’t have to be nurse, counselor, life coach and savior all the time. 

That you could do exactly what you want to do for a change, find out exactly what lights you up, and spend every day doing the things that delight you.

That you could attract competent, strong, self-sufficient people for a change (instead of the needy bird-with-a-broken-wing type.)

That you could embrace life, have close friendships, express yourself, get your needs met–instead of avoiding things, avoiding people, avoiding life.

Imagine mastering self-care as a craft. Doing things for yourself even when someone else needs you. Caring for yourself the way you expertly care for other people.

That’s what you’ll do in the Self-Care Recovery Program.

You’ll take baby steps into the world of pleasure and desire.

Experience the relief that comes from letting go of what everyone else needs and finally paying attention to yourself.

Discover the power of letting go.

Let them do it badly and find out it’s not the end of the world.

Get clear on what a “hell yes!” and a “hell no.” decision feels like. 

Be able to say “No” when you need to.

And be cheered on for it, every step of the way.

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