Our Vision

We help people go through metamorphosis with grace. When you are facing an apparent disaster, we learn how to accept painful realities, how to apply courage and compassion, and how to laugh at it all. We aim to walk shoulder to shoulder with you on your journey, and then see you pay it forward.

Our Story

Coaching is a calling for every member of the team at Raleigh Recovery. We are simply passing along our experience, and the experience of countless others who have helped us trudge--and dance--the road to recovery.

Meet the Team

These are the people who make Raleigh Recovery go. We've got backgrounds in life coaching, peer support, wellness coaching and recovery.

Hadley Profile Pic

Hadley Earabino

Founder & CEO

I'm the Founder & CEO of Raleigh Recovery. I am a Certified Life Coach with Martha Beck Institute, and I have over 10 years of experience in the field of addiction and recovery. I help people recover from addiction---and any other life crisis that calls for a transformation of self. Whether it's recovering from divorce, job loss or an empty nest, my clients say I am accessible and effective and that I make recovery enjoyable.

I've been told I was a Golden Retriever in a past life.

Christina Gibson

Chris Gibson

Recovery Coach

Available for telephone coaching for anyone who wants to stop using, Chris is Coordinator of Addiction Disorder Prevention, Education, and Outreach at Baylor University, Texas.

Her cats are named Crunk and Crookshank. She's a licensed Zumba instructor. And a kick-boxing teacher. And a writer and a minister. And the mother of three. Basically, she's a flawless queen.


Rachel Knight

Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Rachel Knight has been teaching people about nutrition, supplements and wellness for most of her career. She is the author of

Her family hails from Puerto Rico, and, like the orchid, she belongs in a beautiful tropical environment at all times.

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